We love to help people on their tours! Whether you’re traveling on the Trans America Trail, taking the path less traveled on the Eastern Express Connector, or just planning your weekend ride on the Southwind Rail-Trail, Prairie Spirit Rail-Trail, or Lehigh Portland Trails, we want your trip to go great!


Showers: both our shops have showers so we can ride to work and not frighten the townspeople, and we’re happy to provide that service to you on your tour! Please just email us or call ahead of time so we can make sure we’re ready for you.
Repairs: we try our best to accommodate your repairs and get your group back on the road, but touring season is also our busy season for local riders. To ensure that we can get your bike in and out quickly, call ahead to Iola (620-228-5566), Pittsburg (620-231-2212) or email us with a photo of your bike and a brief description of the problem(s) so we can make sure we’re ready for you.
Near Iola:
Base Camp Humboldt
Camp Hunter
Iola RV and Storage
Near Pittsburg:
Crawford State Park
Crawford State Fishing Lake #1
Quail Farm Mined Wildlife Area
Four Oaks RV Park

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